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Full-time Faculty

Full-time Faculty

The Center for Teacher Education has 5 full-time Faculty members. 15 full-time faculty members have completed their Ph.D.


Name/contact information

Research Interest

Educational Background


Yang,Jyh-Yiing Ph. D.

Phone:087663800 ext31000/31454

E-mail: jyh.yiing@msa.hinet.net 、jyhyiing@mail.nptu.edu.tw

Curriculum History
Teacher Education
Curriculum Theory

Ph.D in Education,

National Taiwan Normal University

Associate Professor

Tsai, Kuan-Hsin Ph. D.

Phone: 08-7226141 ext31452

E-mail: cksinkc@yahoo.com.tw


Elementary Education

Classroom management

University of Iowa (US)

Assistant Professor

Part-time Group Leader of Teacher Education Program in the Teacher Education Center

Chang, Wan-feng

Phone: 886-8-7226141 ext22100/31455

E-mail: wanfeng0603@mail.nptu.edu.tw

Modification of Special Education Program and Teaching Design

 Introduction to Special Education, Mental Retardation

 Theory and Practice of Integration Education

Doctor of Special Education,

National Kaohsiung Normal University

Assistant Professor

Yang, Chih-Chiang Ph. D.

Phone: 886-8-7226141 ext22200/31472

E-mail: nzm@mail.nptu.edu.tw

◆Science Education

◆Conceptual Change Education

Science Concepts Learning

History and Philosophy of Science

Doctor of Science Education &
Enviornmental Education,

National Kaohsiung Normal University

Assistant Professor

 chang, jui-chu Ph. D.

E-mail: rech0827@mail.nptu.edu.tw

Chinese Phonology and Speech

Subject Matter and Pedagogy for Mandarin

Elementary Teaching Practicum

Issues in Education

Parent Education

Doctor of Education,

National Pingtung University of Education