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Director of the Center for Teacher Education

Yang, Chih-Ying  


Ph.D in Education, National Taiwan Normal University

M.A. National Tainan University

Current Position:

Director, Center of Teacher Education, NPTU (2017. 8~  )

Dean, College of Education, NPTU (2017. 8~  )

Professor, Department of Education, NPTU (2014. 8~  )

Research Interests:

History of Curriculum Reform

Current Position:

Professor, National Pingtung University, Department of Education

Editorial Board, Journal of Textbook Research

Editorial Board, Journal of Teacher Education and Professional Development

Deputy secretary general of Teacher Education Association (Taiwan)

Research Summary:

Yang, Chih-Ying researches in the areas of curriculum theory, curriculum history, social studies education and teacher education. His works mainly include the theory of curriculum history, history of the social studies, American curriculum history. He has published three sole-authored books, and over 30 journal articles.


Yang, Chih-Ying worked for ten years in elementary schools as a teacher. He has taught courses in curriculum theory, curriculum development and design, and social studies education. He served as the director of the Center of Teacher Education. He has served in numerous roles for professional associations and learned societies. Currently he is the dean of College of Education, Pingtung University, Taiwan



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Chapters of Books                                          

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Contact Information:

Phone: 886-8-7663800 ext 31001, 31454

E-mail: jyh.yiing@msa.hinet.net  ; jyhyiing@mail.nptu.edu.tw